Chorus Officers, Committees
and Functionaries

Each Glee Club member is a member of the Board of Directors.
The following have titles that describe specific duties and responsibilities to the Glee Club:

Executive Board Officers
President Jack Hauer
Vice President
Recording Secretary/Historian Dennis Sorheim
Financial Secretary Jerry Dokka
Treasurer Arne Selbyg
Other Elected Officers
Business Manager Ted Anderson
Assistant Business Manager Harald Huglen
Assistant Treasurer Joe Campion
Marshall Paul Slostad
Assistant Marshall Julian Ronning
Corresponding Secretary Charles Engh
Music Director Carsten Slostad
Assistant Music Director Dennis Sorheim
Librarian Gudmund Julseth
Assistant Librarian Carl Pederson
Music Committee Chairman Phil Heide
Auditors Julian Ronning
Gene Wilms
Sponsorship Secretary Bob Olson #2
Elected Committee Members
Nominating Committee Bob Olson #2
Earl Evenstad
Dennis Sorheim
Other Committees
Cheer Committee Phil Heide
Earl Evenstad
Functionaries (appointed or volunteer)
Accompanist Mark Fideldy
CD/DVD Sales Harald Huglen
Lutefisk Foreman Bob Olson #2
Lutefisk Ticket Printing Bob Olson #2
Lutefisk Reservations Bob Olson #2
Earl Evenstad
Raffle Ticket Sales Arne Selbyg
Corresponding Secretary Sanger Hilsen Charles Engh
New Member Contact Phil Heide
Music Committees (selected by section)
Første Tenor (P) Carl Pedersen
(A) Mark Olson
Andre Tenor (P) Joe Campion
(A) Dennis Sorheim
Første Bass (P) Bjørn Hagen
(A) Bent Paulsen
Andre Bass (P) Julian Ronning
(A) Paul Slostad

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